eDA Wins LGMA Award

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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The recent Local Government Management Excellence Awards recognised the Internetrix Electronic Development Application (eDA) system as an innovation that is pushing the boundaries of Shellharbour Council's customer service.

Shellharbour City Council received the merit award at the ceremony in Batemans Bay earlier this month. Internetrix developed the eDA system with Shellharbour City Council in 2003, a tool for accepting development applications electronically, then allowing the applicant to track the application through the approval process.

Internetrix eDA system removes the metaphorical curtain that councils work behind, opening communication channels with applicants. The eDA system saves both the applicant and councils staff time, ensuring that the applicant knows the status of their application at all stages of the process, and the expected timeframes for an approval.

The award recognises Shellharbour City Council's innovation in pioneering the use of internet-based customer service tools, as well as Internetrix for the effective solution delivery. While eDA is not a new concept, Internetrix unique approach has proven a winner.

If you're interested in seeing more on the eDA, check out our Case Study and Multimedia Demonstration sections. If your organisation would like to find out how you can improve customer service and reduce internal costs at the same time, please contact us.