Internetrix Welcomes EBA Lawyers

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix is excited to continue expanding our boundaries, this month welcoming Canberra-based legal firm Elrington Boardman Allport Lawyers. Elrington Boardman Allport has provided legal services to clients for over 100 years. The firm began in Queanbeyan and Yass in 1897 - before Federation and well before Canberra became the National Capital. The firm has established a reputation for integrity, competence, common sense and reliability - an understanding of the legal requirements of the people, the businesses, and the government instrumentalities which are the backbone of the region.

Elrington Boardman Allport Lawyers offer a wide range of legal services including Administrative Law, Civil Litigation, Commercial & Business Law, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Human Rights, Industrial Relations Law, Insolvency Law, Local Government, and Land & Environment issues.

Elrington Boardman Allport is a technologically innovative firm, with over 50 employees across its three offices in Canberra, Yass and Queanbeyan. Internetrix will redevelop Elrington Boardman Allport Lawyers website, addressing Elrington Boardman Allport Lawyers varied client base. Internetrix will upgrade the existing website to a dynamic site that addresses Elrington Boardman Allport Lawyers' service focus.

Keep an eye out for the revamped website in future newsletters.