E-Business System Changes

There have been a couple of needed changes to the Internetrix e-business system. These have focused around the customer sections of the system, and how you log on.

Now, logging on has become easier. If you are using Internet Explorer (and some versions of Netscape) you are now able to log on from anywhere in the site by clicking on the "Extranet Login" image in the top right of the website. If you can't use this system, then clicking on the "e" on the homepage will have the same effect, but the logon boxes will be in the body of the document. Also, you can return to our homepage at any time by clicking on the Internetrix logo in the top left of the site.

This will display a username and password login feature, where you enter your username and password. To enter, you need to choose a login type. Your login type should be "customer", and once you select customer, the form will automatically submit and you will be logged in.

The password reminder system is still to be updated in line with the new structure. Your username and password can be found at the bottom of this email message contained within a URL link - have a snif around in it, and if you can't figure it out, please don't hesitate to call me on 02 4228 6464 or 0414 678 466 so I can get you the information you need to interact with the system.

Once you log in you will notice a few changes to the formatting of the page which will make it easier to read and update your information from one place.

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