DAViDS Website Launch

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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Each month, we take a moment to showcase one of our new developments, and this month we are particularly proud to be announcing the launch of the new website for DAViDS Real Estate.

DAViDS is a firm that has come a long way in a short period of time. With senior staff admitting that even a year ago they had trouble turning on a computer, this professional organisation has risen in a very short period of time to make a big impact on its marketplace.

DAViDS approached Internetrix to develop a new website for earlier this year, and the result has been a very attractive, functional site for showcasing their real estate and management services. In keeping with their corporate style, the site is split into two distinct divisions, and through the use of Freestyle, DAViDS can maintain the site entirely on their own, including content pages and listing information.

An advanced module for Freestyle, the Real Estate Listing Module, has been implemented, allowing for an innovative approach for listing property information. Unlike many other property websites that force users to continually open new windows to see larger versions of images, the DAViDS site allows for this with a simple roll-over - put your mouse over the small photo, and the large one will be displayed on the left. From a management perspective, Freestyle automatically resizes and compresses the photos - ideal for the sales people armed with a digital camera but not much experience with cropping and resizing JPEG files.

DAViDS also includes Connect, the newsletter engine, which allows DAViDS to maintain a regular, cost effective and personalised channel of communication with their many clients. Feel free to drop by the site and sign up for their newsletter today at www.davidsrealestate.com.au.