Data Studio is now Free

Google's premier reporting solution - Data Studio is now free.

When Google released its fantastic, enterprise oriented suite of 360 Products (Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360, Data Studio 360), the reporting tool was first available in limited beta; later in trial with 5 reports per account; and now it is free!

Instead of distributing PDF files to your stakeholders you can now securely send the report URL which will be dynamic and interactive allowing stakeholders to dig deeper if they want to!

A few reasons why Data Studio could be a perfect fit for your organisation as a timesaver:

  • Works with different data sources: GA, YouTube, BigQuery, AdWords (and MCC), Search Console etc
  • Can be applied to different datasource for each widget
  • Provides Agile Admin Access. People without access to the data source might not see the content
  • Offers Custom design for the whole report and separately for each page or widget, so you can modify any pages
  • Can use more than 12 widgets (unlike Google Analytics)
  • Can group widgets and then apply separate filters or a date range to them
  • Can create calculated fields in a data source based on functions and conditions
  • Can be updated in realtime data (based on data source)

Please reach out to us if you feel Data Studio is a perfect fit for your organisation and you could benefit from product training or professional advice on integrating it into your infrastructure.

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