Cricket Online

Posted 18 years ago by Internetrix

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If you work in an office where you like to get some work done, it is unlikely that there is an allowance to set up a TV set in the middle of the room and watch the cricket.

However, if you are like the Internetrix team, and can't wait until you get home for the second innings to work out what is going on, you can use the internet to get up to the minute scores. Simply go to and click on the Live Scorecard links for the game you are interested in to see a regularly updated ball by ball commentary.

You can even click on the "Java scorebox" link at the top of the screen to see a colourful graphical score box where you can see "the worm" showing run-rates live... no more waiting for the commentary team to show it up when they feel like it - you are in control!

As an aside, the Internetrix offices will be closed next Friday - the delayed Christmas party will be held from late morning onwards at the second final at the SCG... but as always, you will be able to contact us on the mobiles!