Posted 12 years ago by Internetrix

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There's no arguing that video - and that means TV to most of us - is going online in a big way. This will pose some significant threats to TV networks who don't produce their own content, especially here in Australia where some much programming comes from the US on a long delay. Real fans are waking up the fact they can watch new seasons before they air in Australia just by jumping online.


Network television needs to improve its online delivery to give viewers what they want in real time. US TV Networks have realised people want to view TV online and have channelled users directly to the source where there is still control over the content and advertisements, rather than illegal sites.


Piracy is an issue that concerns everyone in the entertainment industry but the amount of illegal downloads occurring indicates there is a gap in what people want and what is being delivered. While the US broadcasters are making moves, their steps to lock people from outside the US out of their great new services like to protect foreign TV networks means that piracy is probably going to flourish into the future.