Climate controlled and backed up

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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Given how hot and hungry servers get, it is handy to know there are dual heavy duty power feeds delivering hundreds of times more power than your average house or office gets. In case the power goes on the blink, there are multiple diesel generators in the basement with 48 hours of fuel on-site, and supply contracts to keep the juice coming 24/7 with two hours notice if there's an extended outage.

And with all that power, it is important to keep things cool. Think of these servers jealously on the coming hot summer days, as they bask in 22 degree temperatures the year around. And if the main water fails, the chillers have 48 hours of their own water to make sure they don't go thirsty.

Last but not least are the connections, with Internetrix now able to take advantage of a range of additional carriers and interconnects that enable us to continue delivering blazing speeds to internet users, who themselves are getting faster and faster broadband access.