Client Services Update: Newspoll's new website

Posted 8 years ago by Internetrix

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Everyone knows Newspoll, Australia’s leading public opinion and market research company.

We’re proud to say that Newspoll has been a loyal Internetrix client since 2006. Recently we worked with Newspoll Chief Executive Martin O’Shannessey and his team and a marketing company on a complete overhaul of the organisation’s website

The updated website incorporates new branding and a revised organisational structure featuring new divisions. A feature of the new site is video integration, utilising pop-up YouTube video clips.

Website Projects Manager and Creative Director Jacinta Cali led the Internetrix side of the project. Jacinta says the website is an important part of Newspoll’s marketing strategy, and that one of the client’s requirements was to have more control over site management.

“The marketing company executed the look and feel of the website, and it was Internetrix’s job to roll out the new brand’s website template,” Jacinta said. “We replaced the old proprietary software with the latest Silverstripe software, which we customised to the client’s requirements.

“We implemented vastly improved technology, which gives the client far greater control of the website - from editing text right down to controlling the palette of colours used on the website, which they can now change whenever they wish.”

Jacinta and her team then trained Newspoll’s IT people to manage the site themselves, and we are delighted with how the project has worked out. The site looks good and works well, but best of all the Newspoll people are really pleased with how manageable it is and how much control they now have over their site.

Keeping a website fresh and contemporary is an important part of winning the on-line marketing battle.

We’re finding that most of our clients want more control over their websites – but many don’t have designated IT staff. As with Newspoll, we can develop your site and train your people to manage it.