Client Services Update: CIRCULUS

Posted 7 years ago by Internetrix

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We are proud to be involved with the University of Wollongong, developing specialist digital platforms for UOW’s on-line services. One of our current on-line projects has been particularly interesting: developing a new website to help UOW expand the number of student clubs and societies on campus.

UOW already has over 90 student clubs and societies, ranging from traditional sports clubs to organisations catering for particular religions, nationalities and interests. For example, the Harry Potter Society is one of the most active clubs on campus.

The University is encouraging more students to participate in the clubs and societies for a richer campus experience. We are working with the Centre for Student Engagement, Clubs and Societies to plan, design and build a website that makes it easier for students to start clubs or join existing ones.

Director of Website Projects Jacinta Cali has managed this project, called Circulus, which is already operational but should be fully complete by the end of May. The new website has lots of exclusive features. For example, clubs can pick custom themes and colour schemes and there is built-in social media integration so that clubs can promote their events through Facebook as well as through the UOW Events Calendar and Student Life Calendar. One of the smartest features allows individual students’ club activities to be tracked, so they can receive a transcript report of all their club and society engagement when they graduate.

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