Two Giants Join Forces: Clicktale announce acquisition by ContentSquare.

Posted 17 months ago by Tim Lillyman

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Some big news hit the press early last week when our friends over at Clicktale announced that they were joining forces with another leading experience analytics platform, ContentSquare

Clicktale (one of our key industry partners) and ContentSquare each offer elite enterprise experience analytics platforms along with innovative product development teams. When we saw that these brands were joining forces, we knew this would be an instant recipe for success. 

The acquisition of Clicktale and ContentSquare means 30% of the Fortune 100 market are serviced by the combined company, along with another 12,000 enterprise users worldwide. The two brands now combine to offer the richest data analysis, solutions and innovations that allow enterprise users to optimise their customers’ digital experiences.  

Visu LP 1200x901

What this means for Internetrix Customers? 

As the sole partner and reseller of Clicktale in the Asia-Pacific region, this merger gives us the ability to offer more experience analytics benefits to our clients. This means more insights, more features and more support. 

If you wanted to learn more about the acquisition or Clicktale and ContentSquare products, please get in touch with our team of experience analytics experts.

What Clicktale and ContentSquare had to say: 

“The combination of Clicktale and ContentSquare is great news for experience analytics -- we have the same DNA -- and a strong willingness to be the leader in this category.” 

Jonathan Cherki - ContentSquare CEO and Founder

“So when Clicktale got to know ContentSquare -- that we would be the global company with the strongest product. -- This is the next chapter for us in order to accelerate” 

Shlomi Hagai - Clicktale CEO