Christmas Virus Warning

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

Less than a minute to read

A new Christmas virus is on the loose - it is getting to be more of a tradition than the man in the red suit himself!

Although it is rated as low, CERCC decided that because of the name of the executable, that we would inform you of a new Internet Worm.

It comes with a Subject Line of Happy New Year, and has a Christmas.exe attachment.

The major virus vendors are reporting it, and none to date have a fix for it.

Computer Associates called with the information at 9:30 AM. The other major AntiVirus sites are reporting it as W32.Reeezak.A@mm and W32/Maldal@mm.

Please notify clients and users NOT to open any Attachment that is identified as Christmas.exe

In general, never open an attachment that ends with .exe, and as a better precaution, never open an attachment you do not know for sure is clean.