Christmas 'Primping'

Oh man. Cheesy title. I know, I know. But as the festive season fast approaches and you're probably starting to think about all the Christmas pimping, I mean primping, you'll do to your home - putting up lights, candles, the tree, the stockings and all that jazz - don't forget to primp your computer out with some holiday cheer!

First off is that screen saver. Starfield simulation or the flying window is so mid-year. This year the most popular Christmas screen saver ever is available in 3D! Originally launched in 2000, Santa's Workshop features elves assembling gifts and writing in cards, a train moving around the workshop and more. And now that it's in 3D your festive computer will be even cooler with a 3D elf stopping to warm his wee hands by the fire. Although it's steaming hot outside, it almost makes you feel like it's snowing just thinking of it!

To get Santa's Workshop 3D simply visit The kiddies are sure to love it too!

But the screen saver is just the icing on the cake. If you're really serious about the holiday cheer, check out PC Magazine's Christmas Desktop theme.

With this festive wonder your cursor turns into a Christmas bulb and your desktop is a wonderful snowy scene. Even the title bars in your programs get primped, turning red and the background of your documents glowing light green. I mean who can pass up a Recycle Bin that turns into Santa and your "My Computer" icon turning into a funky sunglass-clad Santa? Too funny.

Finally, if you're a bit more practical at this time of year, take the time to read what it would really take to be Santa, including making more than 800 visits to homes per second throughout Christmas night, after surviving G-Forces around 17,000 times that of Gravity!

All of us at Internetrix hope this helps to get everyone into the festive spirit. We've begun the countdown and it's less than a month away!

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