Building inbound links

Posted 12 years ago by Internetrix

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3. Building inbound links


This method of getting indexed does not only assist in getting your page to appear in all search engines, but it also helps in raising your ranking in the search engine results (aka increase in PageRank). Inbound links can be seen as getting a good word from one of your colleagues when applying for a job promotion. The more people that appraise you, the more likely you stand to get the job. By getting more relevant external webpages to link to your website through html hyperlinks, the more likely your website is to get indexed by Google and the more your PageRank will increase. The qualifications of your inbound links is also relevant, as education (.edu) and government (.gov) domains have more of an impact on your PageRank in comparison to commercial (.com) websites. There are many ways to build inbound links to your website and how many is only limited to how creative you are.

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