Broadband Internet

Are you using Broadband internet in your business? If not, why not?

Broadband internet has been available to some Sydney Metro locations for more than three years now, but areas without the Foxtel or Optus cable have been limited to slow dial-up or expensive ISDN connections.

The answer for most Australians is in ADSL, a connection technology that uses the copper phone lines we already have, that has been available for around the last 12 months across Australia. Plagued initially by patchy coverage and service unreliability, ADSL is now maturing into a product that deserves the attention of all internet users.

To make your job a little easier, Internetrix has provided a guide to ADSL, and reviewed two offerings for ADSL we recommend for small and medium businesses. We have also created a special ADSL calculator, which works out the suitability of ADSL on a price-only basis if you are a small user.

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