Brisx flexibility key to RDA website upgrade success

Posted 5 years ago by Elizabeth

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When RDA Illawarra upgraded its website, it chose Internetrix’s low-cost Brisx service – with some extras provided by the parent company.

This flexibility which allowed additional features to be added cost-effectively was crucial to the success of the project, according to RDA Illawarra Chief Executive Officer Natalie Burroughs.

RDA Illawarra is the peak regional development consultative organisation in the Illawarra region, covering the local government areas of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama. It is part of the Government’s Regional Development Australia national network of 55 regional bodies that support long term sustainable development in regional areas across Australia.

RDA Illawarra’s website is a key element in its connection with the Illawarra community, providing a wide range of information on its projects and priorities and supporting key events, developments and strategies in the region.

When RDA Illawarra planned a website upgrade, it turned to leading Illawarra IT company Internetrix, and its new Brisx service for cost-effective website design.

Ms Burroughs says Brisx was attractive in terms of cost and value for money, and RDA Illawarra was also keen to try something new.

Knowing that Brisx was part of Internetrix gave them confidence that they would get a quality result with the flexibility of being able to add additional features if they needed to.

“Our challenge with the website upgrade was to modernise it as much as possible but within financial limits,” Ms Burroughs said. “We were able to meet most of our requirements through Brisx, while anything else we required could be done outside of Brisx but still with Internetrix.

“Brisx provided a great platform to build our website. However further into the project we were looking for more than what Brisx could offer, and Internetrix was able to accommodate the additions we needed at a small cost.”

Ms Burroughs said RDA Illawarra was impressed with the new website’s appearance, modern features and on trend design, while the backend of the site is easier to use than the old website when adding new local content internally through a template system.

Internetrix Director of Online Performance Jacinta Cali was RDA Illawarra’s main contact for the project.

“Jacinta was great - responsive, creative and really helpful in getting the project back on target following a number of design issues we had in the early stages,” Ms Burroughs said. “Internetrix was available at all times to discuss the project through its stages and content design, and came back quickly with alternate options when we needed them.”