Beyond ADSL

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

Less than a minute to read

The ADSL offering in last month's newsletter attracted an outstanding response, with more than 700 hits on the ADSL page alone from people interested in finding out more.

Some of the responses have been curious about what companies can get beyond ADSL. What if you want an SLA (service level agreement) so you get refunded if your ADSL connection fails? What about doing more tricky things like VPN's, go going beyond 1.5Mb/s speeds?

In response, we have two offerings to canvas this week - one is an ADSL technology with a twist, and one is a connection product that can take your business well beyond ADSL connections into fibre optic speed and more.

Check out our revised Broadband page, and check out the links on the left for two new reviews - WxDSL and Comindico.