Australian Federal e-Election

Posted 13 years ago by Internetrix

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With a change of Australian government occurring over the weekend, there are still a number of knife edge Parliament seats that have not been decided.The most notable is former Prime Minister John Howard's battle to not to lose his seat.

While much was made during the campaign of the first time use of YouTube and other online media, our vote went to the use of technology this election, particularly when it came to opinion polling before the ballot, and getting the updates in real time after the polls closed.

Four days after the ballot John Howard is still 300 behind on the primary vote in his own seat.The Australian Electoral Commission provides a data rich website allowing in depth analysis across all contested seats and senate races.The Virtual Tally Room is where all the details are and provides a list of all remaining seats which have the incumbent still trailing.

It is also great to see that Newspoll, a client of Internetrix had the voting intentions correct in their last poll taken prior to the election and was within 0.5% of the actual Labor/Coalition vote.The Newspoll pdf showing their prediction of a 52/48% split in the vote to Labor, is available from their website.

In the election campaign there was a lot of bluster about the Education Revolution, and now having won, that it is Agenda item number one for Prime Minister Rudd.Here at Internetrix we were keenly watching the debate about the Broadband speed deficiencies experienced around the country.

With Labor having taken Government, we look forward to seeing how the Government goes with the plan to "deliver broadband more than 40 times faster than most current speeds" which is listed on the Action section of the Official Australian Labor Party website. With the Internetrix product suite being Internet based, our whole existing and potential customer base would appreciate and benefit from capacity increases around the country. This will be one policy promise that we will keenly be watching over the next 3 years.