Finally! Google has released a Data Studio connector for Google Analytics 4 (App+Web)

Posted 2 months ago by Tim Lillyman

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Google has finally given users the ability to directly integrate data from Google Analytics 4 (previously App+Web) properties straight into Data Studio.

For those who don’t know, Google Analytics 4 is a fairly new version of Google Analytics that was announced by Google as a beta version (App+Web) in mid-2019 and has only just been released officially as the new and shiny Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) allows users to collect data across both mobile and web platforms into one property and view.

Before GA4, combining mobile and web data was very a manual process that involved collecting data from both Firebase, for apps, and Google Analytics, for web platforms.

Before Google Analytics for Firebase, there were several analytic apps for developers to use in order to collect data.

Data collected through these various apps included; in-app behaviour data, attribution data, push notification data and crash reporting.

Whilst having access to all of this information is crucial, the collection of this data was, more often than not, completed by different analytics platforms. This meant data was now spread across different tools across the web, making it quite difficult to make the right connections within your data sets.

Google Analytics for Firebase solved this problem creating an easy-to-install Firebase SDK. Once successfully installed, analytics automatically starts providing quality insights on how your app is performing.

Insights range from demographics and retention to engagement and average revenue.

With all of this now readily-available information, businesses could now understand not only what users were doing but who their users are and what their behaviours were based on their interactions within an application.


Firebase Analytics Logo


If you previously wanted to collate and visualise datasets in Data Studio, the data had to be fed through another database or data management platform, such as BigQuery.

Being able to now create dashboards quickly for Google Analytics 4, without having to feed data through BigQuery, is the final piece to the Data Studio puzzle...

Data visualisation applications like Google's Data Studio have become the standard of transforming raw data into digestible pieces of actionable information.

Data that can be extracted is drawn from any of the tools in the Google Marketing Platform/G-Suite that have been integrated by a user.

Now that we’ve summarised how exciting this new integration is, let’s jump into how you can set it up and start using GA4 data in Data Studio quickly and easily. 

How to Quickly Connect Google Analytics 4 Data in Data Studio 

Gone are the days where you needed to integrate different platforms in order to collect data to create dashboards that were collected through GA4.

Here is a simple setup guide to help you integrate GA4 data into Google's Data Studio (Use images/screenshots with steps)


Step 1: Connecting your data source to the report. Firstly, select Google Analytics as the data source...
Screenshot highlighting the first step to connecting App+Web to Google Analytics


Step 2: Choose the account where the GA4 property is located, then connect the specific GA4 property from the list that you want to use.

Screenshot highlighting the second step to connecting App+Web to Google Analytics


Step 3: Confirm that you want to add that property as a data source to the specific report.

Screenshot highlighting the third step to connecting App+Web to Google Analytics

Step 4: Great success! You can now start building those delicious dashboards that you were craving in Google's Data Studio using your App+Web data.

Screenshot highlighting the fourth step to connecting App+Web to Google Analytics