Anti-Spam - It Works!!!

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

Less than a minute to read

Those of you who read last months newsletter probably noticed our story about how to block spam using a new and innovative system we've deployed as an optional feature in our hosting service. If you didn't read the story, you were in the minority - the response was pretty remarkable, with hundreds of hits on our site to read the complete story, certainly the biggest response to any article this year.

What it demonstrated to us was that the spam epidemic is something that bothers us all, and shortly after running last months story, we installed the anti-spam system for a number of clients, including BMDI, a leading medical technologies company.

"What a relief. It's brilliant". That's what Robert Archer, the Managing Director of BMDI, thinks of the new service. And so he should. Robert's account alone has been spared over 1000 spam messages in the last week, all as a result of implementing the Internetrix anti-spam solution. "I'm only getting legitimate emails now - it's saved me so much time and hassle, particularly when I'm overseas and checking my mail from hotel rooms and slow connections".

To discuss installing anti-spam for your email accounts, please call us on 1800 007 581.