Amigos Restaurant

Posted 17 years ago by Internetrix

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Internetrix was in the press again this last month, this time with, and on behalf of, Amigos Mexican Restaurant.

A favourite of the Internetrix team, Amigos is one of Australia's oldest Mexican restaurants located in one of the oldest buildings in Wollongong, the scene of a murder many years ago.

With a large repeat clientele characterized by younger patrons, Amigos sought a solution to the problem of quiet nights and late cancellations, and Internetrix proposed an SMS system, where regular guests could be messaged quickly and easily with special deals and offers. Guests register their interest through a guestbook at the counter when leaving, and these details are entered into their online database, which then uses a simple web-based system to send the messages to email addresses and mobile phones. Messages are customised to add impact.

Additionally, Amigos can receive bookings for functions and orders for take-away, delivery or pre-booking all via the website, which delivers the orders as a fax to the restaurant in real time. This saves cost (as Amigos already has a fax machine at the restaurant, but not a computer), and also makes more sense, as a computer would not live long in a busy food kitchen!
A real success story, this solution is helping the Amigos team deliver better service to their guests by making a stronger relationship out of an already enjoyable experience, for much less than the cost of ongoing, traditional advertising, with higher targeting and impact.