Affinity Increases Productivity 150%, Saves $50k

Posted 16 years ago by Internetrix

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For our clients who know us best for our website development skills, it may come as a surprise to realize we deliver more online management solutions than marketing solutions.

Where marketing solutions involve websites, newsletters, shopping carts and other marketing related initiatives, management solutions are full business management tools which run online. Because management solutions are used on a regular basis by staff, they tend to deliver tremendous return on investment (ROI).

Internetrix offers three management solutions, Affinity for managing customers and your relationship with them; Gravity for managing service delivery and productivity, and; Nucleus for managing knowledge and corporate information. All of these applications are 100% web based, deliver collaboration and improved customer service and they are delivered in a customized format, ensuring it is a tailored solution for your individual business needs.

After launching these solutions around 12 months ago, we're very excited to be announcing our first case study for Affinity - continue reading this story online to see how we helped Bible Society NSW achieve a 2.5 times productivity increase while realising a $50k costs saving.

In addition, since the case study was prepared, the NSW office of the Bible Society has combined back-office services with Tasmania and Western Australia, further extending the benefits of Affinity while taking advantages of lower costs and economies of scale from their Macquarie Park facilities.