67 employees instant millionaires

Posted 14 years ago by Internetrix

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On the 9th October the lives of 67 YouTube employees were forever changed thanks to the Google deal, earning each one of them millions of dollars. While media reports suggest that YouTube will continue to operate independently of Google to preserve its successful brand and community, many are skeptical.

Both companies suggest that combining the two will allow for more focus on providing a better, more compressive experience for users, while many members of the blogging community argue the acquisition will cause YouTube to lose its edge becoming more mainstream and 'neutered'. They contend that Google will likely put ads up with each video, as the advertising dollar is what's made Google what it is today.

Still others suggest that Google's interest in the video-sharing site seems to be more for defensive reasons, of keeping it out of the clutches of other more traditional television media companies such as News Corp and Viacom. While YouTube may have 34 million monthly US visitors it has yet to come up with a business plan to make a profit.