4 Things To Think About If You Want To Capitalise on Amazon in Australia.

Posted 3 years ago by Vitalii Semenov

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A Super Brief History of Amazon

In 1994 Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as an online bookstore. Now, Amazon can be considered as an eCommerce leader and to put it bluntly, an extremely massive business. Currently, it is the fourth most valuable publicly traded company in the world behind Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft. Jeff Bezos - is one of the world's richest people estimated by Forbes to be worth $US64 billion ($A84.7 billion).


In Australia Amazon was popular for its eBooks and eReaders - Kindle, which you could purchase from Amazon’s website at www.amazon.com.au. As of recently, Amazon Australia has officially opened their 24,000 square metre centre in Melbourne’s Dandenong South and a second location has been purchased in Sydney's south-west. Amazon's head office will be located in Sydney as well. In the middle of the 2017 Amazon announced that it would start its expansion soon, and true to their word it has happened. In the beginning of December, 2017 Amazon has started selling audio and household products in Australia. The number of products that they're selling is continuing to grow every day.

While many people think that Amazon Australia will kill Australian retail business, we think that there is a great opportunity to grow your business by expanding the number of channels for selling products.

With that being said, how can YOU capitalise on Amazon coming to Australia.

How to Capitalize on Amazon:

As Amazon has launched their Marketplace in Australia, as part of their entry into the country. This allows third-party retailers to list their products on the website and set their own pricing – similar to how Australian retailers sell products on eBay right now (by the way - eBay is one more opportunity for business growth as well.)


Basically, there are two ways to cooperate with Amazon when it launches its Marketplace, either manually add your goods to the Amazon`s portal or to adapt your existing website to be able to use the Amazon API. To be frank, if your a retail business, and your website still does not have an eCommerce platform integrated into your website you need to think about creating one right now.

If your business still does not have eCommerce website and you want to take a chance to grow your business I would recommend creating one right now.

For those who have an eCommerce website already, it is time for upgrading and active promotional movement.

4 points that should be considered to capitalise on Amazon

Depending on the current status of your business, we assume that there are at least four main points that should be considered to capitalise on Amazon in Australia:

  1. Linking and Integration Amazon API with your eCommerce website. Take an advantage of using product Export / Import and automating sales features. Integration allows you to upload your products and manage your inventory all from one dashboard, instead of operating two different platforms.

  2. Competitor price monitoring and delivery cost calculation. Take your niche. Amazon is not Google so be ready for the competition in one marketplace where that seller who provides the best price and delivery options is getting the buyers and consequently wins.

  3. Digital Marketing. There are at least two reasons why you should keep doing it. The first Amazon has its own search engine and it will try to show the most relevant result to the users, the second, as many of other websites Amazon is crawled and indexed by Google, so correctly optimised for the right keywords pages will be seen in Google as well.

  4. eCommerce Web and Big Data Analysis. “Forewarned is forearmed” – This is not an old proverb; this is the truth of life. In the online era with lots of acquisition channels and billiards of metrics, the wrong decision based on the incorrect data could cost millions lost potential revenue.

Focusing on these four aspects of growing Business with Amazon will definitely lead you to success and provide you with some business-boosting benefits, like saving valuable time, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the other key area such as Digital Marketing or Data Analysis, instead of wasting time on managing several separate platforms.

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