28 months and counting

The journey was expected to take 18 months, but due to difficulties with border crossings and the various quarantine restrictions it is now 28 months since he started. In recent weeks while organising his return to Australia, Tim booked a months stable for his three horses in Nikolayev, Ukraine some 600 kilometers south of the capital Kiev. As an indication of how technology has changed in just 28 months, Tim was amazed beyond belief yesterday to have Google Earth loaded up for him and to be able to zoom in and see the stable building where his horses are currently being lodged. The precise location of the stable is North East. The free version of Google Earth is available from http://earth.google.com/ and is well worth a look.

The upcoming 6 months will see Tim head towards the Ukraine/Hungary border with the final border crossing being possibly the most difficult as he will be heading into the EU for the first time with the horses, and hopefully the finish line by April 2007 in time for the 800th Anniversary celebrations of the Genghis Khan empire.

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