Our journey towards innovation.

Our journey started in 2000 when a couple of geeks saw the potential that the internet offered for small businesses and started a small internet consultancy company in Wollongong, NSW.

Skip forward 20 years and Internetrix delivers data and technology solutions to organisations all over Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, and Europe.

Our headquarters are still based in Wollongong, while we also have two export offices in Xiamen and Guangzhou, China.

A lot has evolved, but at the centre of everything we do is a constant passion for digital innovation and a desire to fundamentally improve how our customers do business.


We believe in our people.

At the heart of all the happy clients and successful projects is our amazing team.

We believe in their abilities, ideas, and vision, and we know you will too!

Since the year 2000, our team has grown big enough to deliver leading-edge innovations at scale, but is still small enough for us to really care.

Operating mostly our of our Wollongong HQ, we host an all-star lineup boasting a variety of skills and backgrounds. 

Internetrix are Internetrix thanks to our Data Scientists, Analysts, Engineers, UX Designers, Accessibility Experts, Software Developers, Solution Architects, Digital Marketers, and Project Managers.


Internetrix China.

Doing business in China is a unique and potentially highly rewarding experience, and the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement will open up many new opportunities for businesses in both countries.

But doing business in China does have many challenges, from language to logistics and the critical importance of understanding the Chinese business culture and government regulations.

It pays to have professional assistance to make the right connections in China so that you can build the right relationships and make the right decisions from the beginning.

That’s where Internetrix can help.

Internetrix have been supporting Australian businesses, plus local China businesses, digitally for over 8 years. 

Internetrix has an all-important Internet Content Provider (ICP) licence to operate in China, and works closely with multinational companies like Google and IBM in the Chinese communications market.

For more information, head over to our Internetrix China website. 

Our leadership team.

  • Managing Director

    Daniel Rowan

    Daniel Rowan

    Managing Director

    As Internetrix Managing Director, Dan's focus is on growing the reach and positive impact of Internetrix on our partners. Daniel hosts 20 years of experience in IT, 13 years with Internetrix including 7 years at the helm.

  • Director

    Jacinta Cali

    Jacinta Cali


    Jacinta leads Internetrix with a focus on ongoing innovation and a drive towards productisation. With a previous role in UX Design, Jacinta became a Director in 2013.

  • Head of Data & Technology

    Dmitry Klymenko

    Dmitry Klymenko

    Head of Data & Technology

    Dmitry leads our Data and Technology teams with 22 years of industry experience in Australia and Ukraine. In his tenure, Dmitry has acted as a Managing Director, Developer, Product Manager, Analyst, and Digital Marketing Expert.

  • Head of Development

    Michael Caruana

    Michael Caruana

    Head of Development

    Michael is a Full Stack Engineer who has been writing website code for 20 years and has delivered business solutions from small to enterprise. He is meticulous with his management of our development team, code repository, and solution deployments.

  • Head of Sales & Marketing

    Itwik Joshi

    Itwik Joshi

    Head of Sales & Marketing

    As our Head of Sales and Marketing, Itwik brings 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Sales and Business Administration. Itwik leads both our internal and partner Marketing efforts as well as managing our enterprise partners.

  • Head of Project Management

    Christie Cassar

    Christie Cassar

    Head of Project Management

    As our Head of Project Management, Christie makes sure our solutions are always delivered on time and on budget. With a strict eye for detail, she is great at identifying obstacles early so our delivery teams have it smooth sailing.

  • Head of Finance

    Kelly McGroder

    Kelly McGroder

    Head of Finance

    Kelly leads our Finance and Accounts teams. Kelly is a Certified Public Accountant of 15 years and holds a love for crunching the numbers. 

  • Marketing Manager

    Timothy Lillyman

    Timothy Lillyman

    Marketing Manager

    As Marketing Manager, Tim helps drive marketing initiatives to new and existing Internetrix clients. Tim also directly supports Internetrix customers through digital marketing consultation, planning and execution.