Silverstripe Open Source CMS

Silverstripe - Open Source CMS

SilverStripe is a flexible open source Content Management System (CMS) that provides you and your team (both technical and non-technical) with easy control over your online content, via an easy-to-use interface.

SilverStripe allows users to complete the following actions:Silverstripe CMS

  • Create new pages and drag and drop them where you want them to be in the sitemap
  • Edit and style content in an editor that is familiar to anyone who uses word processing software
  • Manage events, photo gallery and user interactions that occur with the subscribers
  • Easily insert links, images, and video into your content
  • Copy and paste content directly from Microsoft Word
  • View a draft of your content changes before publishing them on the live site
  • Publish multiple changes to the site with one click
  • Assign different user roles and permissions for each section or page
  • View older versions of a page, and roll back to a previous version, if needed
  • Send e-newsletters to your database segments when required
  • SilverStripe enables online tools, services, and payments
  • Under the hood, SilverStripe CMS helps developers to build and deploy rich, useful online services. Once built, these tools can then be shared with others using SilverStripe CMS. This gives public access to the services they want online.
  • SilverStripe makes updating content easy. Every customer has told us that SilverStripe CMS offers non-technical staff the easiest and most flexible solution available for updating webpage content. As a result, updating information, links, images, and documents becomes a joy.
  • SilverStripe is Standards-compliant. Built with best practices in mind. it's easy to make your site compliant with e-government and W3C web standards. The software’s built-in versioning provides a solid audit trail for changes to your site.
  • SilverStripe is cost-effective. With neither upfront nor ongoing license fees, out-of-the-box features provide you with the base functionality you seek. The modern software architecture makes modifying or upgrading the system efficient and cost-effective.
  • Reliable and integrates well. The code base is of high quality and is regularly audited for security. It runs reliably on both Microsoft and Linux web servers, and integrates well with the back-end systems commonly found within councils.
  • No vendor lock-in. The source code and documentation is publicly available and companies throughout Australia can support the platform after initial project deployment.

Internetrix started working with SilverStripe in 2010. We fully support the platform, engage with the community of developers around the world who are building great websites with it, and appreciate the ease with which we can develop new modules when we need to. And most importantly, our customers who use SilverStripe are giving great feedback about the platform too.

Importantly SilverStripe is both a company and a content management system.  We like that they are headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand which offers the benefit of same-day responses when we need it. Closer to home we collaborate, work and get support from their office in Melbourne, Australia too.  All in all, SilverStripe ticks all our boxes.

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