Google Enterprise Products

Google Enterprise Products licensing @ Internetrix

Internetrix are a one-time reseller of the Google Enterprise suite of products in both Australia and China. This means we have access to Google Search Appliances, Google Custom Search licenses, Google Minis and Google Apps licensing as required.

We helped the University of Wollongong get their Google Search Appliance in place in 2011 and what a difference that has made to search at UOW.  We also recently helped the University of Adelaide get their Google Custom Search license in place.   Access to the Google Enterprise product suite helps us deliver meaningful project outcomes when an organisation is looking to transform its search capabilities.

Google enterprise products make your users more productive by combining the innovation and ease of use of Google's consumer products with the features, security and support that your organisation requires.

Google Search Appliance - 7007 / 9009

The Google Search Appliance is aimed at large and enterprise businesses and can search up to 30 million documents out of the box. The Google Search Appliance is an integrated hardware and software product designed to give businesses the productivity-enhancing power of Google search.

The Google Search Appliance GB- 7007 provides universal search capabilities to enterprises and organizations. The GB-7007 is a rack-mounted two-unit (2U) appliance that can be licensed to search up to 10 million documents. The GB-7007 provides built-in redundancy through a RAID architecture with redundant components. Multiple GB-7007s can be linked together to support larger document counts, or to integrate search across multiple departments, geographies, or websites.

The GB-9009 replaces the GB- 8008 model, aimed at customers with document counts over 15 million and is Ideal for centralised deployments that support multiple business units or large websites, the GB-9009 can search up to 30 million documents out of the box. The GB-9009 enables built-in redundancy and failover, delivering maximum capacity and reliability. Like the GB-7007, multiple GB-9009 appliances can be linked together to search hundreds of millions or even billions of documents.

Google Mini

The Google Mini Indexes up to 300,000 documents and is ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses. It offers the simplicity and power of Google's universal search technology at a great price with easy, plug-and-play installation.

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