Software Licensing

Software Licensing: Silverstripe, Google Enterprise, Google Premium

We sell software licenses for our own proprietary products, other peoples' products, and leverage open source licenses too.  We think that shows our flexibility and that we recognise that different projects require different solutions.  

SilverStripe is an open source content management system we use for implementing on website projects.

Freestyle is our own proprietary content management system which we also use for implementing website, extranet, online payment and customer management projects.

Connect is our own proprietary email marketing tool we use for projects where email, sms or faxing outbound marketing messages is required.

Urchin by Google was sunsetted by Google on 28th March 2012. Although we can't license Urchin after this date, we still provide support and services to the large Urchin customer base.

OASIS stands for Online Application System and Information Service and it is our proprietary product used specifically for local government and councils.  OASIS allows councils to receive, manage and track online applications for Development Applications, Tree Preservation Orders and Construction certificates.

The other products we sell are Google's.  As a long standing Google partner we have access to the Google Enterprise suite of products so that if we need a GSA or the like then we can secure it.

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