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Price Points

Transparent Website Pricing

Internetrix provide all of our clients with transparent website pricing that will allow you to choose the right website for your business.

We understand that the cost of a website is important to you and the clarity on what is included in the design and development pricing.

Whilst we aim to provide detailed pricing for your new website, we also factor in scope outside of technology boundaries which you should also consider to obtain the most simplified website pricing available.

Internetrix have broken our website pricing down into three price points to give you website options to suit your business.

We ensure that we provide the most upfront website costs - ensuring businesses are maximising the offering.

 What does an Internetrix Website Cost?  

2Plus Websites
8Plus Websites
25Plus Websites

Internetrix can work with you on a website project to suit your business and budget including smaller businesses who are simply looking to develop their online profile within a budget website package.

For those smaller businesses our 2Plus websites are the ideal way to achieve a cost effective website that will help you grow your business online.

2Plus websites include the website consulting and information architecture, providing you with the basic layout and structure of your website in an interactive format.

Our team of designers will provide you with one creative concept based on the project brief, current marketing material and branding.

Once the design is approved Internetrix designers will take the designs and turn them into responsive, cross-browser compliant HTML.

Internetrix will implement the HTML cut design files into SilverStripe, the open-sourced CMS system we recommend for easy self-management and maintenance of your website.

Whilst writing content isn’t part of the project scope, Internetrix will deploy the content that you provide us with into the pages of your website.

Once we have finalised the website we will provide you and your team with a two hour SilverStripe training session.

The training will arm you with all the information you need to manage the pages the content optimisation and page structure of your new website yourself.

Internetrix 8Plus websites are medium size website projects for customers that are serious about their online profile and growing their business. These websites contain in-depth planning, design and functionality to finalise the project and deploy the website.

The team will work with you on a detailed sitemap, mapping to the existing website structure and providing you with a detailed website sitemap restructure in preparation for the redevelopment.

Our professional information architects will create layout templates for the home page, subpages, email templates, online payments and enquiry form pages to give you the detailed layout of the website.

Upon approval of IA the creative team will design two concept website styles for you to choose from. When the preferred design concept has been chosen and signed off our team will get it ready for HTML and deployment.

The Internetrix team will take the approved designs from Photoshop and turn them into responsible, cross-browser compliant HTML.

We will take the approved HTML cut design files into our preferred open-sourced CMS, SilverStripe. Internetrix recommends SilverStripe as it gives all clients the power to manage and maintain their website in-house.

The implementation phase of Internetrix 8Plus website projects provide technical requirements including; branch modules, photo galleries, restricted levels and user access areas, feedback and enquiry forms, SSL online payments, email newsletters and SMS dispatching.

We integrate creative implementation and SilverStripe through technical deployment based on development specifications provided and website requirements.

The content deployment phase is where page creation of three layers is completed – prior to training and hand over to your team.

Once we have completed your website, we will also install site-wide Google Analytics and provide you with scheduled reports to keep you abreast of your websites performance.

Our 25Plus websites are the websites we develop that have no boundaries. We work with businesses on extensive digital specifications to produce premium projects – for the best online results.

As one of five Federal and State government accredited digital services provider, Internetrix are confident in supplying premium projects tailored to the extensive requirements of your business.

Internetrix can work with you and your own internal capabilities, marketing and ITC teams to produce the project requirements and provide you with support.

Internetrix has been selected as a preferred supplier for for projects specialising in multiple custom facets. We recognise the Australian Web Guidelines and the WCAG 2.0 Double AA and Triple AAA directives, and can ensure that your web project is compliant and certified with these requirements.

Major projects have many facets and costs, Internetrix work with you to break down the project into milestones.

The Internetrix digital consulting team will work with you on a detail sitemap structure and audience then create a restructured sitemap in preparation for the website redevelopment. The information Architecture and wireframes are created to provide you with a basic layout template for the home pages, branches, restriction areas, email templates, online payments and enquiry forms.

As part of the project consulting, we will conduct content management investigation - including recommendations and a report based on the preferred CMS SilverStripe is suitable for your requirements.

The next phase is creative - we take the provided brand style guide and design four new website creative concept styles for you to choose from . The chosen design will be worked on for redevelopment.

We take the approved design designs from Photoshop and turn these into cross-browser compliant HTML with supporting CSS in all dominant browsers and devices.

The implementation phase will see the integration of all technical development specifications and requirements including, branch modules, galleries, restricted areas, feedback forms, email generation, SSL online payments, email newsletter and sms dispatching.

We integrate creative implementation and SilverStripe through technical deployment based on development specifications provided and website requirements.

The content deployment phase is where page creation of three layers is completed – prior to training and hand over to your team.

Internetrix provide two half day training sessions for you and your project team on the SilverStripe CMS (if this is the preferred content management system implemented).

WCAG level A compliance audit of the website project is completed and user acceptance testing is completed prior to migration to the in-house servers. The Internetrix project management team will liaise with you throughout the whole project and every one of the project milestones.

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