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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Did you know that Australians spend approximately 3.6 hours on social media per day? That is a whole lot of exposure to a client base who might not otherwise have access to your products and services.

Social Media channels give businesses access to real user data to make informed social media marketing (SMM) decisions. Internetrix social media marketing  strategists can provide behavioural insights into your customers, their habits, likes, and dislikes. This powerful data drives informed decisions to help you achieve a better return on investment (ROI).

With so many social media channels out there - Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn - it is important to have a clear social media and content strategy to obtain best advantage from your channels and users.


Internetrix evaluates your social media marketing (SMM) strategy through a social media audit looking at present channels, active channels, inactive channels and competitor analysis. We do this so we can recommend the right social media strategy and social marketing campaigns for your business and the strategy that will achieve your social media goals.

How Internetrix audits your social media channels?

  • We audit by analysing the current performance of your social media assets.
  • We review your business competitors and benchmark their performance.
  • We provide recommendations for improvement of social media channels and a strategic social report to successfully increase conversion, brand recognition and return on investment.

Internetrix Actions Your Social Media Strategy
Internetrix uses your current or key platforms to create a social media strategy tailored to your business and resources. We eliminate the platforms that aren't in use or adding value. We create a social media activity calendar to show you what you should be doing and how much time you should be spending - to help you track your social output.

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