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Follow Your Website Visitors' Footsteps


The world’s #1 enterprise-class experience management platform, Clicktale’s deep drill-downs get to the heart of the “how” and “why” behind customer behaviour.

Enterprise Solution

Dynamic Heatmaps

Multi-Device Tracking

ISO 27001 Certified

Session Replays

Deep Analytics Integration

Why Clicktale?

Clicktale reveals consumer behaviour, needs and intent at every touchpoint of the digital conversation, delivering insights to delight customers and create more value.  

With superior accuracy, limitless scalability, and ironclad security & privacy, the Clicktale platform is trusted by the world's leading brands and designed to handle the most complex digital touchpoints, no matter the device.

As the world’s first cloud-based Experience Management solution, Clicktale has an unmatched reputation for delivering a competitive edge to Fortune 500 customers such as Walmart, UBS, Microsoft, and Lenovo.

The platforms patented technologies and powerful integrations, combined with the deep expertise of Internetrix's customer experience consultants and the Clicktale digital psychology team ensure brands are empowered with the insights needed to delight customers by winning their market and achieving digital success.

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Clicktale's powerful customer experience management platform enables you to experience your website and apps as your customers do. Understand their needs and their goals, and discover the barriers that make it difficult to achieve them. See their experience through their eyes.

Quick tour of the platform features

See the individuals behind the data and help them achieve their goals Identify, prioritise and remove friction points in the customer journey Uncover the meaning behind analytics and marketing data Align everyone in your organisation around the customer


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Some of Clicktale's Premier Tier Customers

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Internetrix is the only Clicktale Partner in Australia servicing New Zealand (NZ) and the whole APAC area.