8 June 2017

Would you Believe Google Tag Manager Can Track These Events on Your Website

by Vitalii Semenov

Whenever I mention I work in Online Performance at Internetrix, I get asked what do we do and how do we change the way business gets ahead in Australia.

20 March 2017

Fighting referral spam, once and for all

With the arrival of the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol ( a fantastic Google Analytics feature ), comes a less welcome item associated with the arrival of a new spam category:...

28 February 2017

Making Australian Companies Visible on the Internet Again!

by Vitalii Semenov

In this post, we are not going to discuss SEO, Advertising or Social Media, but we will cover the must-do features that every company should implement if it is going...

23 February 2017

Good Bye Ugly Dashboards, Hello Google Data Studio

by Vitalii Semenov

You may not already know that Google has removed the 5 report limit in Data Studio - its data analytics and visualisation tool.

14 April 2016

Roll Up Property - Multiple Google Analytics Trackers on the page

How many digital properties do you have?

28 January 2016

Google Tag Manager, Malware detection and tags not firing

Have you ever been frustrated by attempting to visit a particular website, only to discover a red page with the text stating “malware detected” instead? Believe it or not, but...