19 December 2006

New Court ruling regarding MP3's

Other than SPAM the other ongoing battle on the internet is how to deal with copyrighted material. Be it music, videos, TV shows, DVD's or any other digital content that you can watch or listen to, the struggle continues.

19 December 2006

SPAM - the battle continues

SPAM, the dread of every email account holder. Unfortunately despite a new year being underway the curse of the Internet continues to be a major problem. Late in 2006, Internetrix changed the antispam solution we offer clients in an attempt to improve the situation.

12 December 2006

Using Google Maps on your Contact page

Ever felt like the Contact Us page map on your website is a little plain and maybe even has a copied map from one of the many static mapping websites that are out there? With the race between Google and Microsoft to establish market domination in global mapping, there are...

11 December 2006

The Iraq Study Group Report

December the 6th saw the release of the Iraq Study Group Report. The release of this report has seen blanket coverage in all forms of media in the last couple of weeks.

11 December 2006

Listen to World Cup Cricket live on the Internet

Update March 14th: The original article written below was for the 2006/07 Ashes. Now that the World Cup is underway it appears that there will be internet streaming coverage available around the world. The list of television and radio broadcasters around the world is available here...

28 November 2006

Christmas 'Primping'

Oh man. Cheesy title. I know, I know. But as the festive season fast approaches and you're probably starting to think about all the Christmas pimping, I mean primping, you'll do to your home - putting up lights, candles, the tree, the stockings and all that jazz - don't forget...

28 November 2006

Aussie Spammer to Financial Slammer

Australian anti spam regulators have just flexed their muscles slamming a Perth-based company with a penalty of $5.5 million for infringing the Spam Act.

28 November 2006

IE7 Available to the Masses

We've been talking about Internet Explorer version 7, or IE7, for a while in previous newsletters and finally Microsoft has released it and made it Mail

28 November 2006

New Internetrix website launched!

Happy times at Internetrix. We're ecstatic, thrilled, pumped, stoked, and can't even think of any more adjectives to describe how we feel about having a new website. Like the mechanic with the old jalopy of a car, the Internetrix website often gets neglected as we're busy building killer websites and...

23 October 2006

Two Blind Mice

If you would like to donate to 'Ride Forrest Ride' for the benefit of those with MS, visit David's site at http://www.rideforrestride.com/.