5 May 2016

Let your attribution model tell a story

In marketing, the key question is how to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. But how can you get your attribution model to tell a story? By asking this question you are already thinking far ahead of many digital marketers.

29 April 2016

Google CEO shifts from mobile first to AI first

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has indicated that the company will be move from it's strong 'mobile first' standpoint and centering its attention towards Artificial Intelligence.

15 April 2016

How do you solve your attribution problem? Part 2

In the previous post, we discussed the common ways marketers attribute success to marketing spend. Mostly, they use some simple methods such as 1) last interaction that gives all the credit to the last touchpoint 2) first interaction that gives all the credit to the first touchpoint 3) linear model...

14 April 2016

Roll Up Property - Multiple Google Analytics Trackers on the page

How many digital properties do you have?

31 March 2016

Lost Google Analytics Events

What if I was to tell you that some Google Analytics Events are not always processed and can become completely lost? That's right. Never to be found and rejected by Google Analytics servers immediately.

22 March 2016

Developer's tips for using Composer

Composer is a great way to manage code dependencies from various repositories for your website. However it can get a bit messy when trying prepare a development site for a production deployment, or simply trying to clone an existing site. Here are a few tips for managing the process.

16 March 2016

Google Analytics 360 Suite

You know what? Today is an exciting day! Finally, a bunch of separated analytics products have been put together by Google under the Google Analytics 360 Suite umbrella.

15 March 2016

The NBN and how it can help regional business flourish

Not long ago, a company could make a profit and survive, simply by setting up a store and marketing their services within the local community. But, in today's reality a digital presence is ‘just as important to businesses as the bricks and mortar of a shopfront’ (David 2015).

28 January 2016

Google Tag Manager, Malware detection and tags not firing

Have you ever been frustrated by attempting to visit a particular website, only to discover a red page with the text stating “malware detected” instead? Believe it or not, but this is Google's way of keeping you safe.