10 April 2017

Migrating from BigQuery Legacy SQL to Standard SQL

Sometime ago the BigQuery Team renamed its SQL dialect to Legacy SQL and introduced beta support of ANSI 2011 SQL named Standard SQL in the BigQuery world. 

31 March 2017

Google Optimize is free now

Google Optimize is now out of beta and is free for everyone, available in 180 countries, and you can start using it today. Google introduced Optimize 360 last spring as part of the Google Analytics 360 suite for A/B testing and personalisation product.

20 March 2017

Fighting referral spam, once and for all

With the arrival of the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol ( a fantastic Google Analytics feature ), comes a less welcome item associated with the arrival of a new spam category: Referral spammers. These guys put fake data into your Google Analytics account in the hope of getting a couple of...

16 March 2017

Illawarra Forum Recap - Take Advantage of Technology [Presentation]

Illawarra Forum concluded a successful 2017 conference yesterday. The Conference tackled critical issues for the not-for-profit industry, now and into the future.

13 March 2017

Frustrating Doors: The Principles of Human Centred Design

Imagine you are walking towards the door in the photo below. When you reach it, do you think you should push, or pull to open the door?

6 March 2017

Google Analytics 360 - Fresh Data - Real -Time Insights

For all you Google Analytics 360 enthusiasts, this has got be one of the most exciting pieces of news so far this year: Google Analytics 360 can now provide updated insights as quickly as every 10 minutes.

28 February 2017

Making Australian Companies Visible on the Internet Again!

In this post, we are not going to discuss SEO, Advertising or Social Media, but we will cover the must-do features that every company should implement if it is going to be more visible in Search Results or even become part of Google`s ( read humankind's) Knowledge Graph (Base).

23 February 2017

Good Bye Ugly Dashboards, Hello Google Data Studio

You may not already know that Google has removed the 5 report limit in Data Studio - its data analytics and visualisation tool.   Now you can create as many reports as you want in your account.